Győrkőc-tree planting

What can a tree resemble? Be it a slim or stocky or a spiky pine or a sad willow...?
The golden sun sitting on its canopy, singing birds swinging on its branch, kids chilling in its shade and the leaves exhale life...
Who needs another reason to have a tree, a Győrkőc-tree, a little sapling that will grow up into the sky just like the kids who this festival is organized for and whose grandkids will attend the 100th festival. In a 100 years at the Győrkőc festival they will say seeing this tree, our ancestors believed in the future.
Because as it is said: ‘Whoever builds a tree believes in the future.’
The Győrkőc-tree will be planted with the help of experts from Kisalföld Forestry at the 6th Győrkőc Festival’s press conference on 27. June 2013 on the Radó Island. Then the ‘only’ thing we will have to do is to take care of it and to watch it grow and get stronger...Győrkids will help with this.