6th Győrkőc Festival with E.ON energy

The success of a company is shown in how much they take active part in the life of the society where they carry out their activities.

Győrkőc-tree planting

What can a tree resemble? Be it a slim or stocky or a spiky pine or a sad willow...?

Győrkőc rag fair - book-and-toy-exchange

Rag fair, fun and noise! Fun and noise has never been missing from previous Győrkőc festivals, however a rag fair would be a first! But now we will make it happen!

The 6th Győrkőc fesitval is starting!

Colorful balloons will lead the participants’ way from 5-7th July. Follow the red, blue, yellow, green flying balloons and you will find the miracle!

Every little bird is telling us...

Every little bird in Győr is telling us that the planning of the 6th Győrkőc festival has commenced! Even the swallows and storks have returned for the fabulous news!

Gyorkoc discounts

More restaurants and hotels than ever have applied to take part in this, the 6th Gyorkoc festival.

Béla Fenyvesi has become an Honorary citizen

At the closing gala of the Week of Dombóvár 2013 the title of „Pro Oppido Dombóvár” honorary citizen was given out together with the city’s appreciative badge and a diploma of Dombóvár.