Bloom - Buliding playground
    On 5th July the Makám band as well as others will open the Győrkőc festival.
    Hintayo: another record-holder at the Győrkőc festival again

6th Győrkőc Festival with E.ON energy

The success of a company is shown in how much they take active part in the life of the society where they carry out their activities.

Győrkőc-tree planting

What can a tree resemble? Be it a slim or stocky or a spiky pine or a sad willow...?

Győrkőc rag fair - book-and-toy-exchange

Rag fair, fun and noise! Fun and noise has never been missing from previous Győrkőc festivals, however a rag fair would be a first! But now we will make it happen!

The 6th Győrkőc fesitval is starting!

Colorful balloons will lead the participants’ way from 5-7th July. Follow the red, blue, yellow, green flying balloons and you will find the miracle!